From Säntis to Kilimanjaro

Setting a sign against poverty with sporting commitment - in the luggage health shoes and sponsorship money for a mother-child project on site. Together with a group of around 20 participants, the two shoe manufacturers from eastern Switzerland, Karl Müller and Claudio Minder, set out on their journey.

The adventure from Säntis to Kilimanjaro leads Karl and Claudio to the origin of their health shoes. As early as 25 years ago, nomads from the Serengeti Savannah in northern Tanzania inspired Karl Müller III, an inventor from eastern Switzerland, to develop a shoe with a particularly rounded sole, which he christened MBT - short for Masai Barefoot Technology. His son, Karl Müller IV, explains: "The Masai, who live at the foot of the 5,895-meter-high Kilimanjaro, are nomadic people who can easily walk long distances barefoot in a very natural gait. This has been a major influence on us in the development of our health shoes."

The East Swiss health shoes turn 25 years old this year, because of which the founders Joyas also want to be socially involved and set a sign against poverty. That's why they are climbing Africa's highest mountain, testing a new sole technology and collecting sponsorship money for the poorest in the region where it all began. As of today, more than CHF 280,000 has already been collected on the donation barometer.

The preparations for the ascent of Kilimanjaro have been going on for the two founding friends for half a year now and they do not underestimate the physical challenge.


The adventure from Säntis to Kilimanjaro starts in mid-February. The goal is to stand on the roof of Africa on February 26, 2022.






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