Men's House Shoes

Men's house shoes

Men's House Shoes
Max II black Men
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Joya House Shoes

What would we do without our house shoes - they warm our feet, are cozy and give us support. Especially in your own four walls, your shoes should be comfortable and practical. House Shoes from Joya offer simple slipping in, due to easy entry, provide soothing comfort with its soft-elastic sole, relieve your feet and allow a pain-free everyday life.

Comfortably at home

Whether with a robe, sweatpants or jeans - Joya slippers go with any cozy feel-good outfit in your own four walls. Briefly fetch the mail, take out the garbage or have a chat with the neighbor - thanks to the firm sole you can wear Joya house shoes quite well outside and you are always comfortable along the way, due to its soft-elastic properties.

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