Cooperation with furniture giant IKEA

Joya announces new cooperation with the swedish furniture giant IKEA. Goal of the cooperation will be to manufacture a fashionable healthy shoe out of used IKEA carrier bags, so that employees and customers can walk especially healthy and comfortable through the endless corridors of the furniture store.

The new IKEA shoe is 100% vegan, is called “IKEA Billy” and is made of old IKEA carrier bags and one of Joya’s produced soles, which will connect due to a click-system.

The cooperation of the two brands is the result of the IKEA competition, where innovative businesses called upon to contemplate, how to give the well-known used IKEA bags a second life.

Product specification IKEA Billy:

Trendy straggler of the Joya spring collection 2020 – punctual on “april april” - now online available.

Therefore, the elegant Joya IKEA shoe only exists in our fantasy! To make it right again, Joya offers a 10% voucher*, to be redeemed ONLINE till the 5th of april.

Shop your favorite Joya shoes now and profit from our 10% april fools’joke”!




Stay healthy and safe – your Joya Team!

*per customer only once and not in combination with other discounts redeemable






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